About us

European Institute of Education was created to increase awareness of security while performing activities with hazardous materials or working at heights. Our experience gained during specialised studies and professional practice makes our training unique. We advise, train and supervise companies performing work at height as well as work related to hazardous materials for example while protecting, removing or preserving products containing asbestos or mineral wool. We also deal with the identification and assessment of condition of asbestos-containing products.

European Institute of Education was created to provide unique and practical trainings for all customers, regardless of the size of their organization. Main goal that we set ourselves is to lead professional trainings.

Only in 2016 , we trained 1648 people, from the whole European Union and beyond , mainly from countries as Netherland, Germany, Norway , Denmark , Belgium , France , Poland and Sweden. We cooperate with a group of coaches, who not only provide trainings but they are widely respected experts and practitioners in their fields.

Surveys of customer satisfaction showed that 93% of our participants evaluate our trainings as really good and 6% as good. In their opinions , they always emphasize professional level of our lectures, which are constructed as the knowledge acquired during the training is easy to use in practice.

Organizations, that were dealing with us, point out that European Institute of Education is standing out in flexibility and listening to customer’s requests.

Our trainings are carried out in small groups. We always try to lead our lectures in practical way with the active participation of all members. Each of them receives “after-training” stationery, as well as the certificate.

We provide certificates in the languages of all countries where the training was done. Our lectures are conducted in English , German, Norwegian and Polish. Every training is conducted according to EU legislation and inner law system of each country.

We really enjoy, that every day we bequeath our knowledge to people, who very often return to us to participate in another training , become our friends and spread our brand.

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