Asbestos course Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Norway 250EU

Certificate in English (30h program) – full-time or online.







The course entitles you to deal with the removal of asbestos.

After this course, you can run a company dealing with the removal of asbestos, as well as you can work in such a company.

Each participant of the course will receive:

  1. Certificate in English. Certificate template


Every person dealing with the asbestos removal must have completed the above mentioned course.

It is not enough that the employer or manager has such a course.


Lack of entitlements may result in a high mandate.


The program of the course includes 30 teaching hours of 45 minutes. It complies with EU standards.

We can come specially to your company in Poland or beyond its borders.

The courses will be in Polish, Ukrainian and English.

Details to be agreed.


If you have questions, call + 48 794940192 or write


Here you can check the legality of our institution.

How to order a course?

Giwe me your e-mail address if you want start training

How does the internet course proceed?

Today you will receive the first part of lerning materials to your e-mail address. If you read them  Next day you will another part of materials.The course lasts 4 days.

On the last day you can take an exam. Then we will check the exam and you will receive a copy of the certificate in English by e-mail. And the original will be sent by post to the address you specify.